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In paying your deposit and confirming your booking you have deemed to accept our terms and conditions.​
Pricing & Timing for Your Event:
The pricing for your party is quoted on a per head basis. This covers the all the food and agreed related services including set up, clearing and packing away. This does not include the cost of Bar Services and/or Desserts, cakes or coffees.
The quoted price for your event will be based on a pre-agreed schedule and time budget based on your specific party plans and requirements.
Extra Staff costs are typically charged out at a minimum of seven hours – unless agreed otherwise. We reserve the right to charge for the number of hours that the event may excessively over run the pre-agreed budget to cover the additional staff costs. 
Additional Staff hours costs will be billed at £10 per hour for each member of staff at your event. 
Aditional Information:
The Client should provide sufficient information (full adress, post code, details and plans or pictures of the proposed Venue\House location to assist us with our planning, so it doesn't delay our services or her/his event or celebration.
Deposits & Payments:
Deposits are required to confirm your booking (NO Deposit = NO Booking). Deposits are levied on the following basis:
50% Deposit to secure your date.
50% Balance to be paid a week before your event or celebration .

“Please note that we can only hold pre-booking without a deposit up to 24 hours as we may have others enquiries for the same date”
Receiving the final invoice. ALL Monies MUST be paid before your event.

In event of cancellation:
Should you need to cancel your event booking, the following cancellation terms will apply:
full deposit will be returned if six months or more notice is given, all your deposit will be returned in 6 separates monthly instalments. An administration fee of £90 would be deducted from your deposit.
if the event is cancelled six months before or less there is non refund on your total invoice or any payment made but we are always open to offer to postpone your celebration or event at no extra cost (subject to availability).
Guest numbers:
The number of guest showing in your invoice can not be changed. If there is a drop in numbers from the initial invoice before the event then no reduction in costs can be expected. If the numbers increase, every effort will be made to accommodate this.                                              
Force Majeure:
We cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the “performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to “Force Majeure.” Such events may include but are not limited to war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, road traffic accidents, wet or windy weather conditions, fire and similar events outside our control.”
Antonio Carlos
Pizza San Antonio June 2023
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